Have A Change Of Heart And Change The World


by: Barbara Palma

The heart string theory was created at first to consider the important physical impact the hearts organ has on our bodies, and then it grew into something much greater.  The theory that we are all connected by invisible fibers or electromagnetic currents that surround each individual heart to the continuum of all hearts. We are all connected through our beliefs, and they are represented by microscopic strings created by our Electro Magnetic Frequency ( EMF) fields that are generated by our individual feelings housed in our hearts and shared with our brain creating what’s called “The Language of the Heart” where there are no words just feelings. Individual beliefs change our electrical and magnetic waves that ultimately change matter and create what is happening in the world around us both personally and globally.

Waves come and go, expand and contract so do all aspects of our lives.  The one constant wave is the pulsation of our heart. This new science currently revealing itself by brilliant trained scientists is something our ancient ancestors have always known but we have forgotten, perhaps too simple and logical for the western world to accept or give much awareness too. Awareness is the key and first step towards having a conscious “Change of Heart”. Ignoring or denying the reality of what is going on around us is a feeling based on fear.  A belief that one person cannot make a difference, or simply having a resistance to what actually is because it seems too big and where to start becomes too much to think about.

Our individual thoughts based on our feelings ( good or bad ) (positive or negative), have not only a profound affect on our external world but our internal body function as well. To conform to this new science of the Heart / Brain Connection requires a centeredness that comes with understanding of who you are from a genetic stand point which can be altered through our hearts intelligence. The scientific evidence of this has proven the heart communicates with the brain on four levels,

  1.  Neurologically- through transmission of nerve impulses.
  2. Bio chemically-through hormones and neurotransmitters,
  3. Biophysically- through pressure waves.
  4. Energetic Communication, through our Electro Magnetic Frequency Field activity.

This  evidence shows that our Heart and Brain are in constant communication with each other.

The Heart sends to the Brain extensive emotional and intuitive signals this is said to be the “Intelligent Force” behind the feelings (good or bad ) we are experiencing. We can related to this as a gut feeling, second thought, sixth sense, once again relating to a feeling that expresses itself through a label of (good or bad ) (love or fear.) So what we have explore together is that the Heart is more than just a 10 ounce muscle pumping blood through our bodies.  Its the first organ to be formed in the fetus, it has its own independent nervous system that contains over 40,000 neurons (nerve cells), which constitutes brain power, and that it is in constant communication with our brain which releases chemistry and hormones into the body allowing the immune system to do its job warding off infection and disease.


Society judges and measures our intelligence by our IQ labeling one person smarter than the other.  The new science is placing more importance on a persons EQ (emotional quality). The reasoning is that all action weather intellectual or emotional are based on a belief which is activated by FEELINGS ( good or bad) and have a profound effect on our lives. The measure of a human heart is not based on how much money or possessions a person has but by the measure of his or her EMF fields allowing for balance created by the language between the heart and the brain connection. We can assume that the heart is a highly complex organized “Information Center” and that the hearts communication with the brain greatly affects how we perceive and react to our world and the world around us, dictating our “Quality of Life” emotionally, physically and mentally.

The Hearts, your hearts EMF field, our individual  physiological systems interact with others in subtle ways. Your hearts electro magnetic signal is registered by the brain waves of the people around you.  This acts as a synchronizing signal with the body that acts as a carrier of emotional information that then acts as a mediator of energetic interaction between people, the scientific term for this is Bio Electro Magnetic interactions.  This is where you get an instant connection ( good or bad ) when meeting someone. The importance of this information is the awareness it gives for change. Transformation “to go beyond form” gives a new perspective and dimension to the importance of our environments from all perspectives.  Our personal environments are the space between the emotional, spiritual and physical. Surrounding ourselves with people and objects that vibrating at a healthy electro magnetic frequency that equals or is higher than our own field allows for a happy healthy “Heart Brain Connection”, which insures not only our personal healing but that of the planet as well.

We can all start with our own personal environments allowing a platform for others to follow setting an example of how we are products of our environment, not the one we were born to but the one we can create by changing our frequencies allowing for the good feelings or vibrations to take us out of a victim or product of our environment concept due to our DNA or gene pool which has been associated with a doomed to failure mentality. It is also important to know that no  part of our mind comes from  our DNA therefore how we think has the capability of being individual. Science is finding our DNA code is not permanent and we can all draw from a generic gene pool, but the one thing that remains a constant in all of the scientific findings is that we are a product of our environment and it is up to us to create the one we want and need to sustain feelings of (good v bad)  (love v fear.)

We are our thoughts and the heart is a driving force to the out come of how we act and interact with others and the world around us. Stress and feeling unhealthy cause us to be unhappy and in a vibrational field too low for communication needed between the heart and the brain. Ask yourself how can a person living a life with fewer things and money be happier and healthier than I’am? Perhaps its time to have “A Change of Heart” and experience the joy and love of life through the vibrational frequency which stems from the heart. The Ancient cultures understood the heart influences and directs our emotions and decision making capability, it’s time to open our hearts and understand we are all inter connected and are effected by the heartstrings of all humanity.

Information can be very useful or just a continuing sea of confusing aspects of why and how we can change our current situation weather  emotional, physical or spiritual. There is one task that can be performed by the individual and that is to create an energetically clearer living environment by going through all of your things, yes everything, the reason is simple everything has an energetic vibe to it and its own EMF field depending on the events pertaining to the object such as  who gave it to you, when it was purchased, where the objects originated has everything to do with your comfort zone in your living environment. The things we love the most are often the subconscious cause of a negative heartfelt reflection, this happens without our realizing it. Example  a beautiful vase that holds beautiful flowers a visual for everyone to enjoy, may have been given to you by someone who creates conflict in your life, or you may have purchased it in a time when you were most unhappy, do to an emotional , physical or mental occurrence.

A supportive environment is generated by an energetically clear space allowing all of its dwellers a playing field thats conducive for a static free foundation which allows for good vibrations, the key to happiness which is generated or fueled by the heart. Remember what we have forgotten that each one of us has the power to change through our feelings such as gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, allowing our thoughts to send a vibrational field extending beyond our bodies reaching others influencing their vibrational fields forcing them to rise above any negativity they maybe experiencing. Creating a Feeling of love is far more beneficial to everyone then being suppressed by a field of negativity.

We are our thoughts, and our thoughts originate in our hearts, allowing for a healing language to begin for all of humanity one heart beat at a time.


Quote by Albert Einstein: “ The only real valuable thing is intuition”

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