Research has always been an obsession of mine.  Never taking information for face value, always going deeper till the facts and figures made complete sense. We are all on information overload due to the exposure and accessibility to connect immediately to that which sparks our interests at that moment. Mass media has pushed us even further away from our own thoughts, concepts, and ideas that pertain to us as individuals as opposed to a group. All the chaos surrounding our daily lives in the form of breaking news, and personal drama caused by outside influences has effected our ability to feel safe and at ease in our surroundings.

To reunite with our own reality, and the innate ability to  identify a central image of ones self and put language to it allows us to belong to the most complex of circumstances, while accepting and protecting our personal nature of vulnerability. Consider this a personal journey a hiatus from everyday life exploring your experiences that have led you to this point in your life.


We will visit your personal history while examining the DNA, and gene pool you inherited from your biological parents and the environmental influences you have existed under that have played an important role in your mental. emotional, and physical well being. Explore the inner environment which is the connection between the heart and the brain which ultimately effects everything.

Finding yourself in a state of confidence and contentment with your life through personal transformation and self awareness is the key to A COURAGEOUS HEART.

Transformation is the ability to go beyond form to recognize that which is not visible to the naked eye, and to obtain the ability to see the heart quality of an individual and what is being represented, and what the effect will be for everything as a whole.

Please review the visual of the  Egyptian Hieroglyph above which clearly shows the Weighing of the Heart against that of a feather as a pre qualification to the after life. Like many other ancient cultures it was understood the heart was where all thoughts were manifested.  You are what you feel and that comes from fear or love, and the heart that is filled with fear acts out of negativity and will surely out weigh the feather. The heart that is filled with love and light is weightless and equal to that of a feather.

I use this as an example that if we clean out all that weighs us down from feelings of fear (hate, resentment, jealousy, prejudice , selfishness, etc) we can be assured the journey ahead which I call the “Great Journey” will be amongst far more exciting company.

Within the contents of this website my hope is to help in anyway I can to facilitate your journey with the information to aid in  your ability to see what is,  and explore that which is not so obvious, making your own evaluations and decisions as to what is your concept of truth which only you can determine.

My goal is to re-connect us to the Earth and the mystery that lies deep inside her and the forces deep within the land itself. To sharpen your senses and be able to become more aware of your surroundings that constantly reveal to us signs and symbols that go unnoticed.

To be at a crossroad, or in a total state of confusion should be embraced, for it is through that dilemma that we gain our Depth of Soul, the Essence of who we are.


June 19th the year 2014